October 19-23, 2020

This week we will continue with Technical Writing.

Monday–Letter Writing samples + booklet. Write farm letter from Of Mice and Men.

Tuesday–purpose and audience practice with business letter; article: “How to Write a Letter”

Wednesday–read short story, “Before I Wake” which is written as a collection of memos, reports and letters–pretty cool and scary!

Thursday–focus on e-mail. Complete an etiquette assignment.

Friday–wrap-up Technical Writing unit with a short project (should be able to get done in class time–if not finish over weekend).

Mrs. G.

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October 13-16, 2020

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend and that you got the chance to complete your Creative Project. These are due on Tuesday (13th)–we won’t have any more class time to work on it as we are leaving George and Lennie in the dust.

This week we will begin a short unit on Technical Writing. The textbook we will be using is:

Technical Writing Text

Here is plan for the week:

Tuesday–take a look at the concepts of “connotation” and “denotation” and the difference between essay (literary) writing and technical (business) writing.

Wednesday–we will look at the 5 Traits of Technical Writing (chapter 2 in the textbook) and do some activities along the way.

Thursday–you will do an Accessible Document assignment so be sure to bring your computer to class on this day.

Friday–we will begin looking at letter writing.

Mrs. G.

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October 5-9, 2020

Monday–we will watch the flim today.

Tuesday-finish film and a Foreshadowing activity

Wednesday–Quiz (short answer style) on entire novel. Summarizing assignment.

Thursday & Friday–creative project to wrap-up novel. Due at end of class Friday.

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September 28-October 2

Well, we are zooming right along–we should be finished the novel by the end of this week.

Here is a plan and a few handouts for you:

Monday, Sept. 28–we will discuss Chapter 4 and start working on a Comparison/Contrast writing assignment.

Tuesday, Sept. 29–you will have the first half of class to work on your assignment started yesterday, then we will switch gears and start reading Chapter 5. Hang-on as it will be a bumpy ride!

Wednesday, Sept. 30–your writing assignment is due today. Today’s class will be all about finishing Chapter 5 and discussing the troubles that arise out of it.

Thursday, Oct. 1–we will read Chapter 6.

Friday, Oct. 2–we will discuss Chapter 6 and the ending of the novel.

It is important that you meet deadlines for all assignments this week as I have to complete anecdotal reports at the end of the week.

Study on, folks!

Mrs. G.

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September 21-25, 2020

Hello Grade 12 English Folks.

I’ve decided to have a class Blog rather than a Google Classroom because I don’t want to get things mixed up with Mrs. Larocque.

At this site you will find a plan for the week and a selection of handouts from class. A lot of the stuff we do is copied from books, so I don’t have electronic copies. When possible, I will post the most important stuff.

Check here regularly for due dates and upcoming tests/quizzes. I usually set down some sort of plan Fridays before I leave for the weekend.

Here’s what we are doing this week:

Monday, September 21–we will finish the character picture assignment that we started on Friday and begin reading Chapter 3. This chapter is pretty long and in it we get to learn more about the guys on the ranch.

Tuesday, September 22–we will finish reading Chapter 3 and take a look at conflict.

Wednesday, September 23–we will work closely with Chapter 3 and prepare for test tomorrow.

Thursday, September 24–test on Chapters 1 to 3. Expect a variety of short answer type questions and one longer answer. For many of you, it is a good idea to bring your computer to class for that. I will try to get some help from Resource on that day. Remember, you can write your test across the hall in room 212 where it is quiet so you can use speech-to-text software if need be. We will start Chapter 4 afterwards.

Friday, September 25–finish reading Chapter 4 + discuss.


Mrs. G.

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