February 18-22, 2019

Time to start Keeper ‘n Me.

Monday–FAMILY DAY–no school.

Tuesday–we will look at Richard Wagamese’s backgroud and the “60s Scoop”.  Read the Prologue (pp. 1-5).  For homework, research and find out some interesting factoids about:  Shoal Lake First Nation, White Dog FN, Minaki, Kenora, Winnipeg River, Keeper’s character (so far).  Be prepared to share tomorrow.

Wednesday–Read to page 24 + Questions.  We will go over the guidelines for writing reflections.  The first one is due on Friday.

Thursday–we will watch a couple of short videos about the 1970s to get us into the mood for the setting of the novel.  Read pp. 24-38.

Friday–Reflection#1 is due today.  We will take a brief look at residential schools and the influence of D.C. Scott.  Read to page 70 over the weekend.

Mrs. G.


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February 11-15, 2019

Plan for the week:

Monday–“Story of an Hour” paragraphs due–make sure you have written in present tense and that you have lots of support for your ideas.  Today we will take a close look at similes and write a couple.

Tuesday & Wednesday–more literary terms coupled with a a few short texts to practice locating and interpreting them.  We will look at: hyperbole, allusion, personification, oxymoron, connotation, denotation.

Thursday–short Quiz on Literary Terms–review the list you have created in your notes.  Also, there are tons of online Quiz sights to test yourself.  Afterward, we will begin our introduction to Aboriginal literature.

Friday–Aboriginal literature background.

Have a great week,

Mrs. Griffiths


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February 6-8, 2019

Welcome to grade 11 University level English.  I hope that our semester together will be memorable.

This week we are doing basic course introduction “stuff”–we will go over concepts that you should be familiar with from your past years of study.

We will spend a lot of time talking about IRONY–this is the backbone of our course and you should understand the two main divisions–verbal and situational.  On Thursday, we will read a short story entitled, “The Story of an Hour”–you will be asked to submit a short paragraph answer to me by Monday.

We will begin our review of literary terms by looking at the metaphor and will continue looking at several other terms next week including:  simile, personification, hyperbole, idiom, connotation, denotation.

Be prepared for a short Quiz on literary terms late next week.


Mrs. G.

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