March 19-23, 2018

Welcome back!

I hope that you had time to work on your Keeper essay over the Break.  Remember it is due on Wednesday (21st).  Make some time to come in at lunch on Monday or Tuesday so we can go over it together.

Here is a copy of the essay topics in case you’ve lost yours:

Keeper Essay Questions

Here is a plan for the week:

Monday–we will begin a new unit of study about the Evolution of Language.  We will do some exercises together in class today.

Tuesday–short Quiz on Keeper.  Afterwards, we will take a look at Epic poetry and specifically, the great poem entitled, “Beowulf”

Wednesday–essays due today!  We will do an introduction to poetry and poetic devices.

Thursday–continue with poetry introduction.

Friday–back to the Evolution of Language with a look at Middle English–in particular, we will look at “The Canterbury Tales”


Mrs. G.


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March 5-9, 2018

March Break is right around the corner . . . let’s get this novel done!

You should do your Elder Interview over the weekend.  Presentations are Wed. and Thurs.

Monday–you should have read to p. 281–this is the big revelation for Garnet on his journey where he magically find the feather.  Today we will go over MLA formatting for essays as it is time for you to write me a formal literary paper.  Read to the end of the novel + questions for Wednesday

Tuesday–it is a late start day, so there is no class today

Wednesday–we will start class with a couple of Elder presentations–remember, you are limited to three minutes.  To get a level 4, you should include a little something extra, such as a photo or special item.  Afterwards, we will wrap-up our discussion of the novel by examining the ending.  Finally, we will take a quick look at “How to Write an Essay” and I will give you your essay topics.  Your paper will be due after the Break–on March 21st

Thursday & Friday–we will work on a small group project about Garnet’s journey

Enjoy your week off!

Mrs. G.

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February 26-March 2, 2014

Thanks for the passages on Friday–much enjoyed.

This week:

Monday–Quiz on Books 1 + 2.  Reflection #3 is due today.  Read Book 3, pp. 162-174.

Review sheet for Quiz: Review for Keeper Test Ch 1 & 2

Tuesday–we will do some precis writing and look at the significance of the Feather and the Medicine Wheel.  Finish reading Book 3, pt 1 (pp. 174-195).

Wednesday–you will receive your Elder Assignment–together we will generate some possible interview questions.  The written portion of  your assignment will be due next Thursday.  You will sign up to do your 3-minute oral piece for either Wednesday or Thursday of next week–I want to have this wrapped-up before Break.  Tonight, finish reading Book 3 (pp. 195-221).

Here is a copy of the Elder Assignment: Interview with Elder

Thursday–we will do some work with colour symbolism and you can start reading Book 4 (pp. 223-249).

Friday–we will create a metaphor poster.  You are to read pp. 249-281 over the weekend.

Almost done . . .

Mrs. G.

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February 20-23, 2018

Hope you enjoyed your Family Day weekend.

Tuesday–we will start reading Book 2 of Keeper.  Today you will be assigned pp. 87-112.  Your 2nd Reflection is due today.

Wednesday and Thursday–we will be working on a group project that requires you to select a passage to present to the class.  You will need to read the remainder of Book 2 on your own over these days.

Keeper 87-112 questions

Friday–passage presentations.  With remainder of class time, work on Reflection #3.


Mrs. G.

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February 12-16, 2018

Time to dive into Keeper ‘n Me, folks.

Monday–we will begin class by sharing the facts that you have found about Shoal Lake, White Dog, Kenora, Minaki and the Winnipeg River (all important setting details for the novel).  Today we will read pp. 5-24 (you will need to finish on your own tonight).  You will be given guidelines for writing Reflections–your first one will be due Wednesday.

Tuesday–we will look at some visuals for the 1970s–definitely a funky era!  Today we will read pp. 24-38.

Wednesday–your first Reflection is due.  Reading assignment today is pp. 38-52.

Thursday–we will look at the historical figure D.C. Scott and the role he had to play in residential schools.  Reading assignment is pp. 52-70.

Friday–finish reading Book 1.  Over the long weekend, write Response #2.  This is due Tuesday.

Start thinking about who you can interview for your Elder assignment.


Mrs. G.

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February 5-9, 2018

Here’s a plan for the coming week:

Monday–wrap-up discussion of literary terms with simile, allusion, and personification.

Tuesday–short Quiz on irony and lit terms–be able to define and find examples of these.

Wednesday–the oral language tradition and FN legends

Thursday–importance of Elders (Nokomis); 7 Grandfather Teachings; clans

Friday–introduction to Richard Wagamese and Keeper ‘n Me; 60s Scoop; read pp. 1-5 (prologue).  Over the weekend, find out information about:  Shoal Lake FN, White Dog FN, Minaki, Kenora, Winnipeg River, Keeper’s character traits


Mrs. G.

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January 29-February 2, 2018

Welcome to grade 11 University level English.  I hope that our semester together will be memorable.

This week we are doing basic course introduction “stuff”–we will go over concepts that you should be familiar with from your past years of study.

We will spend a lot of time talking about IRONY–this is the backbone of our course and you should understand the two main divisions–verbal and situational.  On Tuesday, we will read a short story entitled, “The Story of an Hour”–you will be asked to submit a short paragraph answer to me by Friday.

Over the course of the week we will look at:  simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, idiom, allusion, connotation and denotation.

Prepare for a short Quiz on literary terms on Tuesday, February 6th



Mrs. G.

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