April 30-May 4, 2018

Monday–present Act I projects.  For those of you away Thursday when we created these, hand in the written version you were given.  Afterwards, we will read Act 2, scenes 1 & 2–this is the creepy stuff leading up to Duncan’s murder

Tuesday–we will take a look at who’s to blame for the murder of Duncan and then read scenes 3 & 4

Wednesday–we will take a look at the Elizabethan concept of the Great Chain of Being and you will do a short group overview exercise on Act 2

Thursday–share your projects with classmates, then watch the film and examine some quotes

Friday–read Act 3, scenes 1 & 2


Mrs. G.


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April 23-26, 2018

Monday–Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!  Today we will finish reading Act I.  Entries for poetry contest due today

Tuesday–wrap-up discussion of Act I (quotes + film)

Wednesday–short Quiz on intro stuff and Act I–start group projects

Thursday–work on group projects.  These will be presented on Monday

Friday–PD Day–no school!

Mrs. G.

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April 16-20, 2018

Monday–finish up FNMI Language booklet.  Look at some poems from the “Sweetgrass” anthology

Tuesday–finish up History of Language unit with word study

Wednesday–introduction to Shakespeare and “Macbeth”

Thursday & Friday–read Act I

Mrs. G.

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April 9-13, 2018

Plan for the week:

Monday–wrap-up poetry/evolution of English study.  Timeline assignment.

Tuesday–OSSLT–no class.  Senior students on independent study

Wednesday–Test on poetry.  Know types of poems and literary terms.

Thursday & Friday–evolution of First Nations language

Mrs. G.

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April 3-6, 2018

This week:

Tuesday–finish watching “Dead Poet’s Society”.  If we have time, we will look at some of Walk Whitman’s poetry at the end of the week

Wednesday–continue with Early Modern English by looking at the Ballad and the Sonnet.  You will have a short assignment to complete with the sonnet “Ozymandias”

Thursday–Late Modern English and the Dramatic Monologue

Friday–look at John Donne (“The Flea”) and, hopefully, Whitman

Mrs. G.

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March 26-29, 2018

Monday–continue with Middle English–read excerpts from The Canterbury Tales and some additional shorter poems

Tuesday–take a look at poetry–paying attention to rhythm and meter

Wednesday–Early Modern English period–look at the Ballad

Thursday–Sonnets + group exploration of “Ozymandias” (hand-in for marks)

Enjoy the Easter weekend,

Mrs. G.


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March 19-23, 2018

Welcome back!

I hope that you had time to work on your Keeper essay over the Break.  Remember it is due on Wednesday (21st).  Make some time to come in at lunch on Monday or Tuesday so we can go over it together.

Here is a copy of the essay topics in case you’ve lost yours:

Keeper Essay Questions

Here is a plan for the week:

Monday–we will begin a new unit of study about the Evolution of Language.  We will do some exercises together in class today.

Tuesday–short Quiz on Keeper.  Afterwards, we will take a look at Epic poetry and specifically, the great poem entitled, “Beowulf”

Wednesday–essays due today!  We will do an introduction to poetry and poetic devices.

Thursday–continue with poetry introduction.

Friday–back to the Evolution of Language with a look at Middle English–in particular, we will look at “The Canterbury Tales”


Mrs. G.

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