October 16-20th

Well, how’s poetry so far?  I’ve put your fruit poems on display–they look great!

The week ahead:

Monday–we will move on to Middle English.  These works are still fairly difficult to read, but nothing compared to Old English!  In small groups, you will be given a short portion of “The Canterbury Tales” to translate.  (You will chose one of the character’s tales.)  This is to be handed in for evaluation.

Tuesday–as this is a LATE START DAY, there will be no class for the Block B section of students.  The Block D section will look a little closer at three of the “Canterbury Tales” and at some additional Middle English poems.

Wednesday–we will look at the poetic devices of rhythm and meter (didn’t get around to this last week).  In addition, we will read the classic essay entitled, “The Nature of Poetry” from my very favourite poetry textbook Poetry for Senior Students.

Thursday–we will move on to Early Modern English–this will start to make more sense to you as it is the language with which Shakespeare wrote.  Today we will focus on the Ballad and Lyric poetry.

Friday–we will continue with Early Modern English by looking at Sonnets (don’t worry, you won’t have to write one 🙂 )  You will be asked, though, to do a small group exploration of one.  This will need to be handed-in for grading.

Mrs. G.


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October 10-14, 2017

I hope you all enjoyed your turkey and found some time to work on your Keeper essays.  Remember these are due on Thursday.  Plan to pop by room 212 sometime early this week so we can go over your rough draft.

I spent a lot of time over the long weekend figuring out how we will approach our next unit on Poetry.

I decided that we will combine some “classic” poems with lessons on the evolution of English.  This is really interesting stuff–especially if you are a history buff.

Anyway, here is a rough outline for our shortened week ahead (I’m pretty sure there are no interruptions this week):

Tuesday–we will have our final Elder presentation and you will be asked to highlight a key idea from your journey poster.  Afterwards, we will read an essay about the “History of Language” and follow it with some information and activities about Old English.

Wednesday–we will take a look at the genre of Epic poetry, then take a look at the first know work in the English language:  “Beowulf” (Bay-wolf).

Thursday–we will have a quick introduction to poetry, in general, by trying to define the genre and looking at some ways to understand this type of writing.  Essays due today.

Friday–we will continue with our introduction to poetry by focusing on rhythm and meter and the literary terms associated with these concepts.  Your list of literary terms will get really long now!

Next week, Middle English . . .


Mrs. Griffiths


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October 2-6, 2017

I hope you enjoyed reading Keeper ‘n Me–now comes the real in-depth exploration!

Monday–we will go over some MLA essay basics (formatting and writing a Works Cited page).  Afterwards, we will discuss the questions for Book 4.  We will end the class with an introduction to the Seven Stages of Life. You will be asked to choose a day for your 3 min. Elder presentation–either Thursday or Friday, so check your calendar.

Tuesday–working in small groups, we will complete a project about Garnet’s Journey.  This is designed to be completed in one class period.

Wednesday–we will take the first half of class to finish up your poster projects.  For the second half of class, we will review the S-I-R Method of developing essay arguments and I will give you your essay topics.  This essay will be due on Thursday, October 12th.

Here is a copy of your essay topics:

Keeper Essay Questions

Thursday–we will do the first batch of Elder presentations during first half of class; then, you will have a short Quiz on Keeper (the focus will be on the second half of the novel)

Here are the requirements and grading for your Elder Project:

Interview with Elder Requirements

Friday–we will do the second batch of Elder presentations; then, you will have some time to work on your essay outlines and to bounce around ideas with me and your classmates.

Over the long weekend, work on your essays!


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September 25-29, 2017

A bit of a break in the reading over the weekend.  Remember to complete Reflection #3 for Monday–this is to be handed in for evaluation.

Monday–short quiz on Books 1 & 2 (vocabulary, multiple choice, literary terms).  Afterwards, we will start reading Book 3 (pp. 163-195).

Tuesday–you will be given your Interview with an Elder assignment which will be due in one week.  Then, we will read the second part of Book 3.

Interview with Elder

Wednesday & Thursday–Book 4

Here are the question sheets for Book 4:

Keeper 223-249 questions

Keeper 249-309 questions

Friday–PD Day, so no school!  Make sure you have completed the novel for Monday’s class.  Work on your interview over the weekend.


Mrs. G.

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September 18-22nd

Bit of a mixed-up week, but here goes . . .

Monday–a late start day, so you will have no Block A class (that doesn’t affect us, though).  We will wrap-up our look at Book 1 and move on to Book 2.  Today you should read pages 87-112.

Tuesday–today you will start your Quote Project in small groups.  This means that you will need to power-read through the rest of Book 2 looking for interesting passages.  More on this later.

Wednesday–Block B (@10:30) is the Terry Fox run that means no class for one section and a major work period for the other.

Thursday–one class will present their Quote Projects, while the other will do the work from yesterday in preparation for presentations tomorrow.  If you are absent on a test or presentation day you must provide a note otherwise you will receive a mark of zero.

Friday–presentations for Block D class and some work with the Medicine Wheel for Block B.  You will be given Reflection #3 which is due on Monday.  It is Homecoming, so we have shortened periods.

Hopefully, there aren’t any more disruptions that I have missed.

Over the weekend, review Books 1 & 2.  We will have a short quiz on Monday.

Mrs. G.


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September 11-15, 2017

Hello folks,

Here is a plan for the week:

Monday–Block B, we will look at some current “identity” issues through various media (poetry, lyrics, photography); Block D, there is an assembly, so we won’t have much class time together

Tuesday–we will begin reading Keeper ‘n Me.  Today we will look into the background of the author, Richard Wagamese, and read Keeper’s introductory words (pp. 1-5).  For homework, do some quick research on:  Shoal Lake FN, White Dog FN, Minaki, Kenora and the Winnipeg River.  A few facts will suffice–some pictures would be great.

Wednesday–we will focus on pp. 5-24 and do some work with setting.  You will be given some Guidelines for writing Response Paragraphs (synthesis) along with a passage to reflect on.  A polished copy of the paragraph will be due on Friday, or sooner if you will be away.

Thursday–we will focus on pp. 24-52 (if we do not get finished in class, you will need to do some reading for homework)

Friday–we will aim to reach the end of Book 1.  Be sure you have read to the end of page 85 for Monday, and keep up with your Ojibway vocabulary words.  You will have a second Response Paragraph to complete over the weekend.

Mrs. G.


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September 5-8, 2017

Well, our pace was a little slow the first week, so we didn’t get everything done–but that’s okay.  By the end of the long weekend be sure that you have completed: 1) your “Life is like . . .” head, your body of water metaphor and your paragraph about Mrs. Mallard.

Here is a plan for the coming week:

Tuesday–we will finish up literary terms with a review of hyperbole, alliteration, idiom, allusion.  Study tonight for your quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday–we will have a short Quiz on literary terms.  Be able to identify and define the ones we have looked at thus far.  Afterwards, we will begin our introduction to Aboriginal literature.

Thursday & Friday–we will look at several FNMI (First Nation, Metis, Inuit) short stories and poems.

That should do it for the short week.

Mrs. G.

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