June 8th, 2015

Haven’t been posting much as you all have a copy of the calendar that outlines each day that remains.

Thought I would post a couple of important dates as we wind-down the semester:

June 12th–Individual Lit. Circle Projects due (title page, role sheets, reflections, poem, journey cycle). See the bulletin board in the classroom for additional information.

June 12th–presentations of Big Idea projects will begin.

June 16-18–exam review.

June 22nd–ENG 3U0 final examination–9 a.m., Big Gym

I think that’s about it.

Mrs. G.

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May 19-22, 2015

Gosh, we almost finished the play on Friday . . . so close.

Plan for the week ahead:

Tuesday–complete play and overview activities for Act V.

Wednesday–On-Demand Essay. This will be written in class. Attendance is very important this day. A truancy = 0.

Thursday–wrap-up activities for the play as a whole.

Friday–writing assignment.

You have been given your Lit Circle book–make sure you have the first 100ish pages read for the 25th.

Mrs. G.

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May 11-15, 2015

So, you want to be a star . . .

Monday–SKITS! Come prepared with lines rehearsed and memorized and with plenty of props and costumes. I can’t wait to see these.

Tuesday & Wednesday–Act IV. Close look at the qualities of a good king.

Thursday–Quiz: Acts 2, 3 & 4. Watch film afterwards.

Friday–Act V.

Be sure you are keeping up with your question booklet–these will be due at the end of next week.

Mrs. G.

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May 4-8, 2015

King Duncan is dead . . . what will happen next?

According to the belief in the Great Chain of Being, chaos will ensue due to Macbeth jumping out of his level/place in the social order.

This week:

Monday–read Act II, sc. iii. We will do an overview activity in small groups where we look at the use of black and red imagery. There is a great quote: “the atmosphere of Macbeth is really the impression of a black night broken by flashes of light and colour. And the colour is the colour of blood”. Think about this and apply it to the staging of the play.

Tuesday–read Act II, sc. iv. This will end the Act. We will watch the movie to this point.

Wednesday–we will be choosing your Lit. Circle books so you can get a head start with your reading. We should be starting this last unit after the May long weekend. Also on Wednesday, we will do a small group project that will overview the entire Act.

Thursday & Friday–Skit preparation. Each group will be assigned a scene from Act III to present to the class. You must interpret and create your own script. The tone you choose to take is up to you–you may want to be traditional, funny, sarcastic, serious, etc. You will also be required to make some props and to come up with some costumes. Above all, have fun with this. All groups will act our their scene on Monday.

Mrs. G.

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April 27-May 1, 2015

A busy week ahead wrapping-up Act I.

Monday & Tuesday–work on Act I overview projects. If you are away on these days, I have a modified version for you to complete.

Wednesday–(late start day)–short quiz on Introduction to Shakespeare and Act I. Look over your notes! You can’t go into this one unprepared as we covered a lot of information. To prepare: look over the booklet we completed from the folders you read, make sure you know literary (dramatic) terms, including the plot graph for a Shax. tragedy; know the basic events of Act I. If we have time after your quiz, we will present your projects.

Thursday & Friday–finish project presentations and read Act II.

Mrs. G.

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April 20-24, 2015

Here is a plan for the coming week:

Fantasy Projects are due Monday, April 20th.

Monday–continue introductory activities for Macbeth–review the elements of the tragic hero, ie: must be of upper social class, must show “greatness” (in brains or acts), must have a tragic flaw, must suffer a downfall

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday–work our way through Act I–reading, listening and answering questions. Be sure to keep up with your question booklet as this will need to be submitted at the end of the unit.

Friday is a PD Day, so no school.

Mrs. G.

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April 13-17, 2015

Changing gears and looking at Fantasy now . . .

On Friday, your groups chose which stories you want to read from your Fantasy anthologies. We will have Meeting #1 on Monday and Meeting #2 on Wednesday (bit of a change in plans here as there is a Con College presentation on Tuesday that I know a lot of you will want to attend). Please note this change in date.

You will be given a Fantasy project early in the week–it is a lot of fun and allows you to be creative. This will be due on Monday, April 20th.

We should be starting our introduction on Shakespeare and Macbeth on either Thursday or Friday.

Mrs. G.

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